Industry Experience

I have worked as an engineer for more than 3 years for an internationally reputed engineering company –  Ingersoll Rand. During the tenure, I worked on several industrial research and development projects:

  • Wrote and implemented computer code for performance calculation of rotary screw air compressors as per ISO1217:2009.


  • Part of the team which engineered the rotary screw air compressors for the 4kW to 75kW range (manufactured under the name ‘Evolution’ by Ingersoll Rand in Asia).


Indigenously developed rotary screw air compressor

Indigenously developed rotary screw air compressor.


  • Worked with Ingersoll Rand, Naroda facility – R&D team for 1 year to contribute to the indigenization of technology for design and production of heat exchanger, separator tank, internal piping and belt drive.


  • Developed testing facility for the 6.6KV rotary screw air compressors.